Pre-emergent weed control review

May 7, 2009 by
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I’ve been reading a news article that talks about how every garden and lawn needs a pre-emergent weed control program.
Here it is

Its true that its best not to use the same pre-emergent/fertilizer for the lawn and the shrubs and flowers. The problem is some fertilizers might harm the flowers. So a Great product I use is Scotts Turf Builder which is a pre-emergent and a fertilizer for the lawn. I don’t use it in the shrubs and flowers because it will brown out some of the flowers. Instead I spot weed kill with a 24d product that is specifically made to control broadleaf weeds such as dandelions and chickweeds.
Turf builder has done a good job. It did not kill all the weeds 100% but it took care of 90% which is pretty good. Next what I will do is to get the other 10% is just spot spray weeds with the 24d mixture.
A good concentrated 24d product is called Triple Threat Weed Killer.

Of course the best weed control program is prevention. Mow the grass high in the summer, keeping the blades healthy.
And to control weeds its best to kill them when they are young before they generate seeds and spread!


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